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NEWS: Chris Brown Keeps Trying To Not Talk About Drake
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During an interview Friday, Chris Brown said he was trying not to talk about Drake because he wasn’t getting paid for such chatter, and was just making Drizzy famous.

He tried again today during an Ebro In The Morning interview. The problem is Ebro wanted him to talk about Drake.

“We making him hot by talking about [Drake],” Brown said as he tried to change the subject.

Brown also didn’t want to address whether or not he was “beefing” with Drake.

“I’m not taking [Tyga’s] side, but I don’t mess with dude,” Chris Brown said about the deleted Tweet in which T-Raww wrote that Drake was “ducking the fade” from Brown. “I’m on probation. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

But, try as he might, Brown couldn’t help but send a subliminal Drake’s way during another interview this morning, this one with The Breakfast Club.

When asked about his former GF and punching bag Rihanna’s relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brown said this:

There’s nowhere else to go. Who else in this game is Rihanna gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper? Who hotter than me,” said Breezy, using the “corny” code word to point the cheesy stick at Drake.