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NEWS: Troy Ave Providing Kids a Masculine, Moral, and Prideful Performer To Look Up To
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On a recent Instagram post, Troy Ave shared his opinion on the role he played in counteracting the “weirdos.” He also claims responsibility for providing kids a masculine, moral, and prideful performer to look up to.

Troy Ave  wrote:

How? it’s simple dawg …. they ain’t wanna pay us, so we paid ourself, can’t nobody run around sayin they gave me B$B start up [money]! NO investors x NO mentors

I AM THE BIG HOMIE not only did I bring New York City Back but I brought FURS back. Might of caused a few more animal deaths, but I saved a generation of kids from being weirdos, feminine, moral-less, pride less, identity crisis having suckaz but ain’t no award for that, but I’m rewarded everyday when I look in the mirror and feel good about myself, feel good about where I’m at, where I’m going, and how I got here with self respect on my own two feet ….. MEN DO WHAT THEY SAY AND SAY WHAT THEY MEAN, my new album gon be a classic AGAIN!! #MajorWithouTaDEAL COMING SOON get ready #GameChanger #GODisGreat#SaluteToTheDJs