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Beyonce voiced support for the LGBT community
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Beyonce voiced support for the LGBT community on social media Thursday following the Trump administration’s withdrawal of Obama-era protections for transgender students.
#LGBTQ students need to know we support them,” Beyonce said in a rare Facebook post.

GLSEN’s executive director, Dr. Eliza Byard, told The Huffington Post the organization was “thrilled” to receive Beyoncé’s support.
“We are so thrilled that Beyoncé is standing up for transgender youth by joining GLSEN’s 100 Days of Kindness Campaign at this very difficult time,” Byard said. “There is a great deal of confusion and fear out there right now, and Beyonce has the unique power to cut through the noise to deliver a crucial message of love and support to all transgender youth. Thank you, Beyoncé. (And I cannot wait to tell my daughters about your support.)”