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YBN Almighty Jay Allegedly Stole Skinnyfromthe9’s Chain, Watch & Cash
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YBN Almighty Jay is under investigation after it was alleged that he stole a chain, a watch and cash belonging to Skinnyfromthe9.

Police say that while Jay was filming a music video with Skinny, during the last take, Jay and his crew ran off with Skinny’s chain, watch and $20k in cash.

There has been surveillance footage released of the incident, and as Skinnyfromthe9 is sitting in his Ranger Rover, he is approached by the alleged assailants. A struggle ensures, and the men take off with the Rolex watch valued $20k, the chain valued $40k and around $20k in cash.

Skinny allegedly invited Jay to his home a couple days prior to the incident, and they all hung out in the studio to work on new music.

More information can be found here.