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Love & Hip Hop Star Tommie Lee
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Tommie Lee is the sexy star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta who is just as wild as the rocker of the same name. She’s been arrested several times for issues including disorderly conduct, identity fraud, forgery, shoplifting, theft and battery. She actually gave birth to her second daughter while in jail. Most recently Tommie Lee made headlines for showing up to court drunk. She was even suspended from Love & Hip Hop for a period of time for her “violent alcohol-induced behavior.” But it’s the drama that has people tuning into the show. And it’s Tommie Lee’s sexy persona that has her cashing in. With almost 4 million followers looking for Tommie Lee’s sexy photos on social media, she’s able to profit from brand endorsements. Tommie has said she is getting help for her alcohol addiction and we hope she gets better soon.tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-1-760x760 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-3-760x811 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-4-760x950 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-6-760x772 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-7 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-8-760x760 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-9-760x507 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-10-760x560 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-11-760x736 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-13-760x629 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-14-760x949 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-15-760x949 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-16-760x949 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-17-760x760 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-18-760x760 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-20-760x776 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-23-760x1139 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-24-760x950 tommie-lee-nude-pics-sexy-photos-hot-video-26